“The Ritual” by Benjamin Corson

Are you looking to broaden your musical horizons? Are you the kind of person that says “a little bit of everything” when someone asks what kind of music you listen to? Check out “The Ritual” by Benjamin Corson, an experimental, euphoric track that will take you through a series of places, sounds, and senses.

It’s tricky to call “The Ritual” just a single. It’s easier to call it a musical project. The 28-minute song is produced entirely by New York-based artist Corson and it’s the result of one word. “Ritual.”

Corson was having a conversation with a great friend of his that had been going through some major life changes. She mentioned that we all have different rituals in our lives. Some of us start our days with a cup of coffee and sweatpants while others do yoga or go for a run. The word inspired Corson. It led him to question his own life rituals and motivated him to create music that embodies his version of one.

The longer you listen to “The Ritual” the more you will slowly fall into a sort of musical trance. The song takes us through meditative, repetitive sounds at the beginning followed by a reflective monologue and a series of different instrumentals. The sounds used in the track resemble different parts of the world. Different customs, religions, and practices. At first listen, “The Ritual” felt like being transported to an unknown land.

It’s clear that Corson has no intention of following the mainstream track. He is using music to learn more about himself and help others learn more about themselves. It is unlike anything I have heard before and will leave a memorable impression on new listeners. “The Ritual” might just be the newest way to open your mind to endless possibilities.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton




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