Heartache is never easy to take, but the best way to heal from it is to focus on taking care of yourself and recognize that your self-worth comes first. Singer-songwriter Kat highlights this subject matter in the single “Liar Liar.”

The song begins with a steady beat from the drums and an infectious guitar riff. A heavy bassline comes into play halfway through the first verse. A shift in dynamics occurs within the chorus as the guitar becomes heavier and louder in sound. Backing vocals are also introduced in the chorus, giving the composition more substance by adding a layer of harmony. Kat’s vocals are dark in tone and filled with so much anger as she sings about getting her heart broken by a man that treated her badly. “I’ve let you go liar, liar though it’s breaking my heart/Condemned now to the fire, Hell has nothing on this hurt.” During the bridge of the song, Kat demonstrates her wide vocal range as she flawlessly delivers some high notes. Another shift in the song’s dynamics occurs as the drums briefly drop out during the first half of the chorus and an acoustic guitar makes an appearance. The song ends with Kat boldly stating that her ex-boyfriend will never find a girlfriend that satisfied him the way that Kat did. “But I know, yeah I know, /Just so you know/You’re never gonna find a love like this!”

Kat is based in London, England, and she currently has three singles in her discography. Kat’s music can be heard on various music streaming platforms.

Written by Brittany Jennings

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