“Intimacy” by Everything but the Everything

Alternative rock pop band Everything but the Everything’s new track “Intimacy” is a dream-like, hypnotizing song with a little sprinkle of everything. The track is made possible by singer-songwriter Luke Sweeney with his mesmerizing vocals, Israel Chavarin’s enthralling guitar, Landon Cisneros’ calming drums, and Andrew Gomez on the Moog synth, bringing an 80s element to the song. “Intimacy” is a truly unique track, and Everything but the Everything deserves recognition for their distinct sound.

The enhancing “Intimacy” is made to feel intimate, with the ethereal instrumental and Sweeney’s trance-like vocals. Fans of 80s-synth pop groups such as The Smiths or The Cure will love the nostalgia of the track, but fans of more modern Alt-rock bands such as DIIV or Animal Collective will also love it; there is something for everyone to unfold in this multi-dimensional track.

The Oakland-based group met during the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown. The music they created was all digital and virtually by sending the musical files to one another. Only two people were allowed to be at Secret Studios in San Francisco while recording, but the group made due. The fact that they can create music without even being in the same room, let alone the same area, shows their drive and determination, making for a successful band.

Do yourself a favor and download, stream, and listen to Everything but the Everything’s “Intimacy,” available on all major music streaming platforms.

Extra thanks to producer Rex Shelverton for overseeing “Intimacy”; it wouldn’t be possible without you!

Photo credits: Alise Albitre

Written by Melissa Cusano


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