“The Brouhaha” by The Brouhaha

The London-based rock group The Brouhaha is starting strong with their debut album. A genre-fusing, hard-hitting, addicting post-punk/noise rock album of the same name, “The Brouhaha,” is an exciting time. The band knows who they are and immediately shows listeners their distinct sound with the opener, “Get Out The Way,” and is a never-ending party for the remaining thirteen songs. Each track is ultra-catchy, and there is a bit of something for any music lover in “The Brouhaha.” 

The Brouhaha is a four-piece band comprised of talented artists: Callum Mckenzie serves as the group’s lead singer, Sam Wilkinson on drums/backing vocals, Perry Rogantin on bass/backing vocals, and Mark Mochan on guitar/backing vocals. Each artist has their place in the band, bringing a unique and fun presence to their sound. 

The album sounds like the early days of punk rock when music was raw and blunt. The group is uncompromising and shows this off flawlessly in “The Brouhaha.” The fact that this is the band’s debut album is remarkable, as they seem to have already laid down the foundation for what type of band they are. Their straightforward, upbeat sound is something that is genuinely needed in 2022. 

Each track in “The Brouhaha” has elements that make them unique, but all go together cohesively within the album. “Get Out The Way” sounds like it was made to be moshed to, while “Rain Down” has more of a chill, alt-rock vibe. “My Way” is very guitar and drum heavy, while “H8 My Job” highlights Mckenzie’s clever lyrics and powerful vocals. Fans of old-school punk bands such as The Ramones or Misfits will love the grittiness of the band’s sound but appreciate the fresh new take on the genre.

Do yourself a favor and download, stream, and listen to The Brouhaha and their debut album. Make sure to play their music for a group of people, as it is guaranteed to get any party going. 

Photo credits: Perry Rogantin

Written by Melissa Cusano


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