“a little too much” by David J

“a little too much” by David J from his “The Renditions” single is a gloriously agile pop vocal performance. Complete with vibrant harmonies, vocal runs, and melodies, this track will satisfy your craving for that 90s/2000s R&B sound. Not to mention, the chords, instrumentation, and arrangement are to die for.

David comes in crooning, “Talk a little too much ‘bout me, / Talk a little too much ‘bout you,” in this organic, sultry tone. An electronic keyboard plays some simple chords underneath, quickly joined by some lovely, dramatic strings. A low, tumbling vocal run invites a drum groove, and suddenly the rhythmic ambiguity transforms into a steady grind. Then proceeds a soulful verse, characterized by splashes of call-and-response background vocals. The hook from the beginning returns with pop-like repetitiousness. It’s catchy, memorable, and overall delightful.

As the song continues, the harmonies and vocal lines become more bombastic and ambitious. They cling to each other with an impossible closeness as each run swirls from note to note. It becomes clear that, more than anything, David J is an inherently gifted singer. This track showcases his voice with reckless abandon–and yes, the songwriting, arranging, and production are paramount to the delectability of this song, but there’s no denying that the vocals steal the show.

Be sure to give David J a listen, a download, and a follow! There’s definitely more where “a little too much” came from. His artistry and talent shine through in all of his other work as well.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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