“House With A View” by Asha

“House With A View” by Asha is a song you can truly disappear into. Awash with clever melodies, acoustic textures, and subtle production tricks, this song taps into that beloved category of music that is just plainly, instinctually good. It needs no explanation–but, because this is a review, let’s dive into one anyway.

We’re introduced to the chorus melody immediately but in a subdued sort of way. Asha croons the line through this distant, distorted filter, sounding almost like a voicemail. The verse crawls in softly, accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar, some high-pitched background vocals, and most notably, Asha’s gentle, intimate vocal tone. She whispers, “I want a house with a view / Somewhere peaceful to come home to… / I’ll build it with or without you.” With this, she communicates an image, a feeling, and a situation. There’s an element of escapism as well as a tinge of conflict with another person who, seemingly, comes with some significant baggage.

The song drives forward with a brief instrumental breakdown and a climactic cymbal swell into the chorus. That melody from the very beginning careens back in, gratifyingly clear and momentous. The acoustic guitar mimics the line, “You’re in my dreams again, I / Hate when that happens,” emphasizing its catchiness. A bright drum groove fills the rhythmic space and heightens the momentum of the song. After this, Asha sprinkles in a nice balance of new and familiar motifs, drenching them in dynamic production elements to give the rest of the piece interest.

If you’re in need of a new moody, indie-pop artist to obsess over, Asha could be the one. Be sure to check out “House With A View” and the rest of her discography as well!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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