“Coin Toss” by Blonde George

“Coin Toss” by Blonde George was made for long drives downs the coast and late-night hangouts with friends. Roll down your windows and jam along to this groovy new track.

George Eitel, known by the stage name Blonde George, writes, records, produces, and mixes music from his bedroom. The Seattle-based artist’s biggest inspirations are Tame Impala, The Beatles, and Steve Lacy. You can hear it in his newest track’s wavy sound and psychedelic vocal mixing.

“Coin Toss” is about the ups and downs of making big life choices. Blonde George says, “I wrote it about indecisiveness and lack of commitment in a relationship, but it can be interpreted in many different ways due to the vague nature of the lyrics.” He repeats the words “two sides” in reference to the two sides of a coin toss that determines your fate. He also makes the intentional choice of double-tracking certain vocals and instruments to add to the “uncentered” emotion that the song portrays.

Blonde George created a warbly sound that radiates throughout the track and leaves you feeling mellow. His vocals feel relaxed and conversational, almost as a way to connect with the listener beyond the music. “Coin Toss” feels like the ultimate guide through life’s troubles and tribulations.

Blonde George has the skill and vision to take any idea from the drawing board to the listener. Dream pop has been a massive music genre over the last few years, but there’s determination and raw talent that sets Blonde George apart from the rest. He’s worked hard to capture a desired retro sound and his musicality is beyond the point of trying to imitate his idols.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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