“Norman Cres” by Sam Wrangle

Sam Wrangle’s dream alt-rock/pop EP “Norman Cres” is for fans of easy-listening music to close your eyes and zone out to. Fans of old-school 70s and 80s rock like Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, and The Smiths won’t get enough of this nostalgic yet fresh modern take on the genre. Consisting of four guitar-driven, dreamy tracks, there is something for everyone in this ultimate kickback EP.

The first track on “Norman Cres” is “Always Knew,” a trippy, guitar-heavy song featuring Wrangle’s hazy yet powerful vocals. The instrumental is genuinely hypnotizing, and the song feels like a blast from the past. Following this is “Circles,” which has a much more upbeat, soothing feeling. Wrangle’s vocals are so cloudy that it feels as though his voice gets further and further into the distance, which gives the instrumental time to shine. 

Next is “Victoria Brixton,” which has a sultry, luscious instrumental. This track may be the trippiest of the entire EP, as the loopy instrumental almost feels like it belongs in an even more psychedelic version of Alice in Wonderland. The final track on the EP, “Spaced Out,” is, just as the title suggests, a spaced-out, blissed-out song that is the perfect conclusion to this trancey EP.  

Sam Wrangle is a genuinely talented musician, as he is responsible for everything: vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, 6-string acoustic, 12-string acoustic, drum programming, production, tambourine, shakers, and mixing. All on his own, he created a modern classic with this EP, which I, for one, will be listening to nonstop this fall. The jangly, post-modern feel of the EP is perfect for those rainy, cold weather stay-at-home days, a long car ride, or to relax to. The possibilities are endless for “Norman Cres”; Do yourself a favor and listen to this EP, available today on all major music streaming platforms. 

Photo credits: Jim Cool

Written by Melissa Cusano







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