“Apology” by Me&T is this soulful, Kelly Clarkson-esque melody accompanied by deeply experimental production. It’s one of the most unique songs you’ll ever hear. The effects and sound design are out of this world, but the melody is incredibly welcoming–and just wait until you hear the choir-like, edgy harmonies near the end. There’s absolutely nothing like it.

We’re greeted with a fuzzy drone. The bluesy verse melody pops in along with this wildly entrancing percussion. A synth bass ricochets in and out of the mix routinely. It gives the impression that the song you’re about to hear is rather cutting-edge. As the chorus enters, the key changes to a major center, and the melody transforms into this catchy, pop line. Though it may seem we’re hurtling towards a more traditional song form now, there are more surprises to come. As soon as this section ends, instead of being thrown into another verse, we’re left with a different musical concept entirely. The chords become a little jazzy. The vocals skyrocket to a higher register. Suddenly, we get a tiny glimpse of that first verse again, only to leap into another chorus.

The latter half of the song becomes a lot darker. Synths and other deep, intense instruments envelop the sound. The chorus lyrics are superimposed over these new, edgy chords, and eventually, a swarm of harmonies takes over. It’s the most harrowing yet climactic ending to a song. It truly solidifies this track as a masterpiece.

Be sure to check out Me&T. With one song this imaginative, there’s bound to be more.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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