“Questions” by kenji is a wild ride. Comprised of brilliant melodies, a massive feel change, and fun, experimental production, this track will leave you feeling like you’ve discovered a new genre of music. It’s the kind of song you send to all your friends after you’ve heard it–and while it is rather meticulous and complicated in some ways, it won’t go over anybody’s head. It’s accessible to any music-lover.

It begins with a simple drum groove and a cheeky vocal sample. The verse promptly careens in, lush with synths and reverb-y vocal effects. “Told you I’d be here for you / Wait for me / Stay a little while,” the singer imparts a mood with naturally casual lyrics. As the verse continues the melody forms these small, satisfying motifs. Harmonies adhere to the lead vocal in a vocoder-like manner. The chords aren’t too complicated, but take on a bit of an ominous feel.

Almost halfway through, the song suddenly slows, melting into a lower register. Kenji says, “Wait, what the hell?” as we descend into this dreamy, almost chopped-and-screwed section of the song. His vocals become deeper and warmer. The melodies feel a bit more melancholy. Background vocals echo through the background until, in a flash, the song speeds up again.

If you’re looking for something groundbreaking, “Questions” is the song for you. A song like this clearly took immense amounts of imagination and natural talent to produce. So, be sure to give kenji a follow and a like! You won’t regret it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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