“Spirals” by Alas de Liona

“Spirals” by Alas de Liona is a laid-back, hypnotizing, emotional bender of a song. Lyrically cathartic and melodically satisfying, this tune is gripping in such a way that, if you weren’t feeling melancholy before you heard it, you will after. Alas de Liona delivers a performance that mimics the soft, droning sadness of inner conflict. It’s the kind of song that says out loud something that most people struggle to communicate, thusly, it’s a fantastic example of the power of music.

“Bitter taste when the sun goes down / Flashes old as dread,” she mutters gently in a warm yet somewhat despondent tone. A decadent electronic keyboard plays simple chords underneath. As she recites the verse, harmonies ornament certain phrases. Her voice tumbles through delicate runs, which subtly demonstrate her vocal abilities. A lofty chord hangs for a moment before the chorus erupts with a strum of electric guitar. Drums carry the rhythm with a leisurely steadiness. The melody lands on uneasy chord tones, injecting the feel of each chord with a bit more angst. It satisfies the need for a hook with a little bit more energy without cheapening the downcast atmosphere.

Lyrically, there are a few lines that really hit home if you’ve ever felt disappointed in yourself (as pretty much everyone has). For example: “Tell myself I’m lazy wasting days that I can’t trade,” or “Why’d I think I could pray to you that way and not seem frenzied?” Each of these lines personifies the self-deprecating voice in all of our heads. Alas de Liona does a spectacular job detailing one of the dark sides of human nature.

There isn’t enough praise in the world to give to “Spirals.” This song is incredibly moving in every sense of the word. Don’t miss out on getting to know Alas de Liona.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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