“One Hit Wonder” by Meg Smith

“One Hit Wonder” by Meg Smith is one of those songs that grabs you in the first few seconds. The guitar riff is both rhythmically and melodically hypnotic and–thank god–it continues throughout the song. Once you get a taste of this track you won’t be able to forget it. Meg Smith’s artistry is sewn into the lyrics, the music, and the essence of “One Hit Wonder.”

After the oh-so-delicious guitar riff completes its moment in the spotlight, Meg comes in with a verse melody over top of it: “Two heads and one headlight / Deep cuts, Mulholland Drive.” It’s a lovely little list of images, perfectly setting the scene for some kind of relationship. It’s nice to hear a lyric that’s vague like this because it makes you want to hear the rest of them.

The chorus slides in with a new melody and a big, pillowy synth. Catchy doesn’t even begin to describe the way the lead vocal feels–it gets into your bones. After the chorus is over, all you want is to hear it again. When you do get to hear it again, suddenly it’s got harmonies. The last time you hear it, it has harmonies AND call-and-response background vocals. All three times are equally as enthralling as the first.

Meg Smith has everything you could want from an indie pop artist–accessibility, relatable lyrics, and an unbeatable sound. She’s doubtlessly on her way to becoming a star, so if you want to say you knew about her beforehand, give her a listen and a follow!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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