“dead to me” by Peyton Marie

“dead to me” by Peyton Marie is a former (or current) emo kid’s dream. With tight, dynamic production and an effortlessly catchy chorus, this track checks off all the boxes–not to mention, Peyton’s voice excels in range, power, and tone. If you’re looking to get obsessed with a new pop-punk artist, you couldn’t do better than Peyton Marie.

The song starts with this vibrantly full guitar riff, inundated with distortion. Peyton comes in singing, “Rose-colored glasses couldn’t see through your lies.” Some power chords chug along underneath. As she belts the next few lines, the instrumentation stops, and a robotic voice effect envelops the melody. From here, we get a pre-chorus, now with anticipatory drums and bass. Her melody softens a bit, and echo-drenched background vocals perform a little call-and-response.

With a chesty, authoritative opening line, we’re thrust into the chorus. The frenetic energy of the guitars from the intro comes hurtling back in, and the drums overflow with crash. The lyrics all reference death, like, “Now what we had is six feet down,” or “Now I’ve finally dug myself out.” It’s catchy. It’s thematic. It’s altogether extremely memorable.

If any of this sounds like a good time to you, give “dead to me” a listen! You’ve got even more clever lyricism, impressive vocals, and decadent rock instrumentation to look forward to. Be sure to follow Peyton Marie as well, as there’s more where that came from. She’s a veritably cool, relevant, and stylish artist with lots of potential for success.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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