“Disarray” by Motionyear

“Disarray” by Motionyear achieves a lot of highly sought-after objectives. It’s meticulously produced and enveloped in fullness. It takes influence from pop-punk, but with totally unique melodies. It’s a natural, undeniably well-written song. If you love emo music, you’ll find nothing to take issue with here–in fact, Motionyear may well be your new favorite artist.

The intro of this song showcases some covered, distant guitar and drums topped with a reverb-doused lead vocal. It sets a cleverly false expectation for what the atmosphere of the rest of the song turns out to be. With an explosion of clear, fierce instrumentation, we’re propelled into an interlude filled with crunchy guitar riffs, quickfire, crash-driven drums, and all-encompassing power chords. This fades as we step into the verse: “Staring at the ceiling, / Watching as it’s spinning.” The singer, who later demonstrates the true power of his voice, gives a slightly toned-down performance here. Throughout the verse, he allows his bright timbre to blossom through his restraint.

The chorus is another story. An ascending chord structure and some tight harmonies carry the belted urgency of the lead vocal. The melody favors movement, landing on mesmerizing chord tones in the process. There’s an electric energy to this section that can’t be attributed to just one thing. Motionyear combines every aspect of recorded music to attain the desired effect: An infectiously catchy, loud, and moving chorus.

Be sure to give Motionyear a listen! Not only is “Disarray” a fantastic display of their talent, but there’s plenty more where that came from.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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