“Cinema Sounds” by Blueprint Tokyo

Blueprint Tokyo is an indie rock duo from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Lethbridge, Alberta. Andy Hale and Kevin Dawson spent time playing across the states together for more than a decade. Life hit hard for the duo and things came to a halt but that didn’t slow them down from still going for their dreams, “Cinema Sounds” is the send EP release from the duo in just one year. The band has started to make a name for themselves and it is said that it is because of the song’s catchy hooks, atmospheric sounds, and surprisingly hopeful lyrics.

“Say Anything” was the first release from the group this year and what a great way to tease the fans for their EP release. Everyone seems to love it, with over 45,000 listens in under two months is admirable. The subtle vocals with the heavy drums and guitar are the perfect mixture for an aggressively sad day. Blueprint Tokyo has a way of making you feel like your emotions are valid, they give you an outlet to release the feelings.

Blueprint Tokyo makes music for everyone to enjoy, it feels pretty impossible to not like their music because it’s so enticing. It’s over or underwhelming, it’s the perfect amount of everything that you need. “LaRusso” and “Sailor Girl” are no different, perfect in it’s own way. Blueprint Tokyo is the kind of band you can party to or the kind of band you can play in the background while studying.

If this is your first introduction to Blueprint Tokyo then no worries, there’s plenty of music from them that you can catch up on and listen to. The band is a great one that deserves all the recognition that it is receiving, the hard work, passion, and dedication shows in their music. Enjoy Blueprint Tokyo until their next release, it won’t be too difficult to play them on repeat.

Written by Jayé Maverick




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