“Pink” by Robyn Slade

“Pink” by Robyn Slade is a power ballad imbued with heart, strength, and poeticism. With a narrative lyric style and a dramatic arrangement, it takes an already touching topic and makes it into something artistic and ultimately accessible. Not to mention, Robyn’s voice emanates such a beautiful, genuine nature.

With a cymbal swell and some lovely, finger-picked acoustic guitar, the song plunges into a verse. “Doc told her it might never happen / Best not to let hopes get too high,” Robyn croons, with a bright, clear timbre. As a classic chord progression unfolds while she tells a hopeful story, embellished with the word, “pink,” at the cadence of every section.

The chorus comes along and her vocals rocket into a higher register. Instead of the intimate, quiet tone she displayed in the verses, we get something belted and fiercely powerful. You can really hear, even through the production, the raw talent she possesses. As the song continues, we’re gifted with some climactic textural elements, like harmonies, drums, and even a brief guitar solo. It has that slow-burn growth style, keeping the listener engaged with an ever-intensifying energy. Each verse introduces a new storyline, and each chorus holds not only more instrumentation but a whole new meaning.

Be sure to give Robyn Slade some love on your choice of streaming service or social media! She’s a truly gifted artist with a grounded sense of emotional gravity and an immaculate sound. If you like lyric-driven pop or folk music, you’ll love her.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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