“Be Brave” by Sweet Imperfections

“Be Brave” by Sweet Imperfections is a brilliantly written song with an incredibly vibrant, dynamic, thrilling arrangement. With an atmosphere that runs the gamut of classic live instrumentation and a warm, raspy singer, it leaves nothing to be desired. So, buckle up for a sensational and intrinsically moving experience.

A covered, radio-static-doused guitar plucks out a simple riff as the vocalist hums. It has that lo-fi, intimate sound that always imbues music with a touch of bittersweetness. “I can see your light fading / It’s fading,” the singer almost whispers. She moves through a slew of phrases in this quiet manner until, all of a sudden, the sound opens up to this beautiful clarity. The chorus rings out over a warbling organ, a finger-picked acoustic guitar, and a high-pitched mandolin. The singer’s voice delivers both power and restraint, allowing us a glimpse into the diverse performance she’s about to give.

Drums pile in for the verse, which has this effortless groove to it. It’s a nice juxtaposition to the dreaminess of the previous sections. Different instruments emphasize different rhythms here, as harmonies sprinkle a bit of fullness into the mix. As we carry on through the song, the energy rises and falls several more times, often dropping to just bass or rocketing into riveting, distorted belts. It’s genuinely fascinating because it constantly transitions between rock, pop, and folk pretty seamlessly. That being said, if you’re just a general music lover, you’ll doubtlessly enjoy this track. Give “Be Brave” a listen! Sweet Imperfections did an outstanding job on this one.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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