“Live at the Black Cat” by The Goons

The Goons may be a name that is new to you but it is a name that many know. They have been a huge part of the DC Hardcore scene since 1994, this particular album “Live at the Black Cat” was recorded over 20 years over in 2001. Since then the band has broken up but they occasionally get together for reunion shows. Word is that they will be doing an album release in January with HR from Bad Brains and 1980s group The F.U.’s! Are you ready to travel back in time?

The first single “White Tide” is inspired but China White heroin and Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale”, this is just the start of The Goons showing what they’re capable of. Each track can be broken down and talked about but why do that when the music speaks for itself. The Goons were a band that you couldn’t wait to see live and when it did it seemed to change your life.

You could swear you were twenty pounds lighter because of all the sweat you produced from the moshing, fifteen songs of beautiful chaos. They have a way of making you appreciate music and the heaviness that goes behind it, bands now are keeping grunge alive but bands like The Goons are the ones who started it.

Turn it up loud because it feels like you are in the audience in 2001, listening to The Goons live, travelling back in time isn’t easy but they make it possible. DCxPC Live is making it possible for music such as this to stay in the ears of people like you. This was meant to be heard and just because you may not have been born yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy good music.

The Goons are an inspiration, they make you feel refreshed…brand new. They allow you to shed any negativity you have and just put it all out on the dance floor, they give you time to let go and heal. Music is powerful and when it touches your soul you can’t help but to want more.

Written by Jayé Maverick

Photo credits Eldon Baldwin




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