“Worth Waiting” by Phil Thrill

Phil Thrill is making a name for himself with this single “Worth Waiting.”  This track will definitely gain a lot of attention, especially from those who have been waiting to hear more music from him. With every song that Phil Thrill releases, he elevates to a higher level. Phil thrill enjoys spoiling his subject on the track and impresses his listeners with how he can wine and dine as well as show love and appreciation.

 Phill Thrill has a wide range of listeners that keep his momentum going with every song. If you are looking for a new southern-styled rapper, Phill Thrill is here to fill that void. Give a listen to “Worth Waiting” below.

The opening of this track even has a super catchy tagline “They love it when I say thriller”, referencing his name. This song will be long remembered as it has an upbeat tempo that may remind some listeners of the middle 2000’s R&B/Hip Hop genre. Phil even mentions taking his time with this song, he could be referencing taking his time with his special someone.

This feel- good track will have listeners reminiscing on a past love and most definitely a new one. With bouncy claps in the background instrumentals, Phil takes us into his world of romance and charm. There is no way listeners could deny this confident, original sound coming in the form of a suit and a from the south, kind of swag. 

“Love in a spaceship/ worth waiting…” sings the voice on the hook and listeners won’t be able to stop themselves from nodding along. Phil Thrill may be under-the-radar for now, but with a track like this, he won’t be for long.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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