“venganza de fantasma” by Love Ghost

Here you are again, reading possibly your 5th review on Love Ghost, clearly, this is a band that is turning heads. “venganza de fantasma” is far from the first release but it is the first EP from Love Ghost and the expectations are high. The LA-based band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Finnegan Bell, bassist Ryan Stevens, Daniel Alcala as guitarist and engineer backing vocals, Cory Batchler kills it on the keys, and the kick-ass drummer himself, Daniel Gallardo, everyone provides backup vocals.

There’s no need to pick apart each track piece by piece, the music speaks for itself. The EP is one you’ll put on repeat, it calms you down and puts your brain at ease. When you hear Finn’s voice it’s almost as if this sensational wave comes over you and you are in a trance, the collaboration between the multiple artists is something you didn’t know you needed. Love Ghost is taking over, there is a reason why you’re here again. It’s hard to not want to hear more, know more, and listen more.

The continuation of releases doesn’t slow down, and the quality of the music they release increases with each track. The beauty of these tracks is that you don’t need to speak Spanish to understand the depth and emotions in the tracks. Nothing about Love Ghost is repetitive, their music makes you feel brand new, like everything is worth it.

You’re here for a reason, Love Ghost is now one of your top artists. Since the year is wrapping up, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Love Ghost was one of your top artists for the year list. They know how to switch it up and make every emotion relatable. What’s next from the group?

Written by Jaye Maverick




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