“Seven Days” by Eösin

Eösin, the UK-based duo comprised of artists Humphrey Bacchus and Jemma Johnson, has a sultry, mesmerizing new single called “Seven Days.” The song features a hauntingly beautiful instrumental from writer and producer Bacchus and moving vocals given by Johnson. Together, the two created an evocative and expressive work of art. 

“Seven Days” is written by Humphrey Bacchus and Jemma Johnson, engineered and produced by Bacchus, mixed by Tom Campbell (Little Simz), and mastered by Nick Lewis at Old Cottage Audio. Humphrey’s eloquent instrumental ties the entire track together, creating a foreboding yet peaceful atmosphere. Jemma’s cry-like vocals make the listener feel her pain immediately, creating a closeness between the two. It’s really a unique combination that makes a distinct sound that is Eösin. 

Jemma’s eccentric and eerily alluring vocals are like nothing heard in music in 2022; Let there, please be more in 2023! Fans of meaningful music with a heavenly instrumental will love the ambiance that the group created within “Seven Days.” Those who love other alternative pop and rock groups, such as Evanescence and early Florence & The Machine, will enjoy the unique sound that the group brings forward to the genre.

Take a listen to “Seven Days” on all major music streaming platforms. Also, keep a look out for more collaborations between Eösin and Jemma Johnson, which will also be featuring guest writer and singer Gez O’Connell (Ritual). Guaranteed, we will hear more about Eösin in 2023.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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