“HOMM.” by Carter Murphy

“HOMM.” by Carter Murphy is an Ariana Grande-esque pop track with youthful, soft vocals and a fascinating chord progression. As Carter somersaults over the clean, satisfying production, a slew of jazz-inspired chords paints her melodies with a complicated, poignant atmosphere. If you’re in the market for a new chill pop favorite, you couldn’t do better than “HOMM.”

A soft, warbling keyboard carves out the chord progression as Carter starts the verse: “Lonely, deep / Can get over what I’ve seen.” It remains simple like this for a moment–just keys and vocals. You can already start to hear the complex, jazzy nature of the tonality. A burst of claps and synth hits ushers in the pre-chorus. The melody gets faster and more repetitive, building to the hook: “In these halls of my mansion.” The line is drenched in doubles and octaves, not only emphasizing it but indicating the beginning of a new section.

The rest of the song follows a traditional pop arc, delightfully satisfying every desire you could have for it. The production is where a lot of the interest lies, peppering in effects like reverb, echo, and chorus throughout. The chords also start jumping more quickly, giving the lead vocal an increasingly intricate underpinning.

Be sure to give Carter Murphy a little love on social media, and don’t forget to stream “HOMM.” It’s a genuinely cool, musically mesmerizing, lyrically cheeky track that’ll be sure to stick with you. You won’t regret learning about and getting to know this graciously talented artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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