“West Virginia Rain” by The Wildwoods

“West Virginia Rain” by The Wildwoods is the kind of track that’ll make you fall in love with Americana. Its striking harmonies, baffling acoustic guitar work, and effective chord choices could reduce just about anyone to tears–in the best way possible. Take just a moment out of your day and listen to this song. You’ll find yourself feeling a little more warm and fuzzy than before.

An acoustic guitar and a few twinkles of the piano set this song in motion. “West Virginia rain / Misty Mountains calling out my name,” the singers croon in harmony. There’s already a wholesome image forming, drenching the song in vivid nostalgia. As the song chugs along we’re gifted with subtle yet beautiful moments. Sometimes the singers slide into unison, only to break back out in full harmony. The chords shift from major to minor tonalities, infusing phrases with sweeter and darker emotions respectively. The acoustic guitar departs from its regular finger-picking pattern to perform a little trill here and there. All these things come together to give this already soulful folk song little sparks of extra interest. There’s truly never a dull moment.

If you stick around for the rest of the song, you’ll find a climactic bridge rife with unique chords and a delightful fiddle solo. Everything eventually culminates in a slowed-down, classic cadence. This piece is a rare find. It takes a lot of digging to get to a song with writing, performance, and production this genuine. If you grew up on Alison Krauss or John Denver, you’ll feel right at home.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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