“Pyro” by Skycabin is the subtle, dark pop song you’ve been searching for. With some steady, fascinating percussive elements and a lot of distorted instrumentation, you’ll find yourself moving to the beat of this ominous, groovy masterpiece. Unlike a lot of other electronic songs, it doesn’t have any wildly climactic drops or dynamic changes. Instead, it keeps you engaged with restraint. The subdued production style frees it from the guidelines of certain genres. With a minimalistic touch, Skycabin vivifies an unnerving, mesmerizing feeling.

It begins with a thumping kick and an inflorescence of snaps and crisp textures. The rhythm this forms is infectious. It casually emphasizes so many intricate divisions of the beat. A synth bass sprinkles in a few notes in conjunction with the lead vocal: “I lit up all my lighters / So that life gets brighter.” The singer’s voice has a warmth to it, yet it’s eking out this gloomy quality. The chord progression slowly becomes more complex, reaching for non-diatonic notes. Harmonies accompany the melody with a laid-back coolness. The most the song builds is with a few swells of a string-like synth, which occurs about three-quarters of the way through and eventually melts back into sparseness.

If you’ve ever wanted to expand your horizons and try out a new style of music, use “Pyro” as a gateway to avant-garde synth-pop. It’s a spooky yet vibrant glimpse at one of the many ways electronic music can take shape. Be sure to give Skycabin a listen, a follow, and a download.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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