“STANDING O” by Glass Mansions

“STANDING O” by Glass Mansions is this turbulent alternative/electronic/rock track that uses the most fervid dynamic aspects of each genre. Down to every last hi-hat trill and vocal sample, it manages to keep every moment climactic, which feels like it should be impossible. Glass Mansions proves that maintaining a high-energy atmosphere takes taste, skill, and attention to detail.

A covered, distant beat ushers into the song. The sound opens up with a crash of buzzing synths and frantic vocal samples. “Don’t waste my time with your bargaining blues / Don’t be so careless with the targets you choose,” the singer wails. The words are sharp and authoritative, pushing back against the oppressive grasp masculinity has on parts of society. The vocals are belted through layers of distortion, an effect that manages to make the track heavier without compromising any organic emotionality.

The chorus arrives and makes the message a bit more succinct, boiling it down to the poignant line: “Here’s your standing o / ‘Cause everything you do is for show.” The music rumbles beneath these words, upholding and even amplifying the lyrical anger and exasperation. It’s the perfect manifestation of what it feels like to be a woman sometimes. Listening to it fosters this cathartic high.

Don’t miss out on Glass Mansions! “STANDING O” is one of the most electrifying songs you’ll ever hear. It’s an overall exhilarating experience and a picture-perfect depiction of righteous indignation. Give them some love on your choice of social media or streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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