“ROYGBIV” by Alec Berlin

Every now and then, you find an artist who just has that “it” factor. Alec Berlin has “it”. Makes sense, considering that Alec Berlin has an impressive resume. Seriously, the work he has done has been impressive. That said, today we discuss his solo efforts with his song, “ROYGBIV”.

“ROYGBIV” is an instrumental song showcasing Alec Berlin’s phenomenal guitar skills. The song starts off on a cool stinger, almost sounding familiar! He then takes us on a trip with some smooth guitar playing for a bit. This is one of those songs that you could see yourself driving to on a warm Saturday evening. Something I like about this song is how he changes up the sound a bit in the middle. Where the song has an easy listening feel to it throughout, he uses another pedal that gives his guitar some more ‘twang, so to speak. It gives the song a kick to make sure that you don’t stop talking about it.

Let’s also talk about the video, too. Now, the video is more of a visualizer, but what a visualizer it is! You see a car on a mountainside, but the best part is the color gradient changing. While you can listen to the song in your car and gets a lot of enjoyment from it, I recommend watching the visualizer as well. It takes you on a cool trip and it feels like Alec’s guitar is literally taking you on waves of ROYGBIV.

Overall, “ROYGBIV” is a song where you can hear some amazing guitar playing that blends old-school and new, a song where you can watch a dope video that trips you out in the best way, and shows the dynamic skills of Alec Berlin.

Written by Marcus Norris





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