“Ribcage” by Ilona Mahieu

Evanescence fans rejoice–“Ribcage” by Ilona Mahieu is the female-led emo song you’ve been waiting for. With its heavy, guitar-driven production and dramatic vocal delivery, this track brings back a style of rock music that not many have been able to modernize or even replicate. Ilona Mahieu does just that. With a simple display of natural talent and style, she’s carved out a place in the music industry for theatrical, delectable rock.

An echo-doused electric guitar riff sets the tone for the song. The bass casually solidifies the harmony and a trill of hi-hats solidifies the beat. This reserved, quiet moment fills the mix with anticipation. “Right on time / My oldest friend / Have you come to join me once again?” Ilona utters, low in her range yet overflowing with power. A wash of texture flows in as the pre-chorus begins. The drums frequent the ride. The guitar strums legato, ethereal chords. Low-pitched harmonies bolster the lead line.

The second verse erupts with a heavy guitar line. Suddenly, the song goes from this soft, indie atmosphere to something bordering on metal. The octaved, non-diatonic riff crashes into the pocket with ease. The rest of the song toggles between these two feelings, making it all the more climactic. Ilona belts chorus after chorus, showing off her evidently strong vocal chops.

If any of that sounds like it might be up your alley, be sure to give this song a listen! Ilona Mahieu is an exciting glimpse at what modern rock can be.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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