“Just A Word” by Munk Duane

“Do you believe in a Higher Power?” is a very common question. No matter your religious background, there is a chance that you’ve thought about that question at least once in your life. One of the most common things that many do when at a crossroads with faith is ask for proof. “Just give me a sign!” is something that I’ve said before, and in a way, Munk Duane has also said that in his song, “Just A Word”.

“Just A Word” starts with reflective music, almost forcing you in a situation where you are contemplative space. I really like Munk Duane’s choice of production in here because of that. For a song like this, the feel of production is important. It has just enough sound so it is interesting, but it’s also subtle, so you can truly focus on the lyrics. And these lyrics… They are amazing.

Let’s start with the very beginning, where he says, “I go with pedestrian assumptions, hoping it’s alright”. I love the start of this. It sets you up for the journey you are going to take in the song, and once you get to the chorus (“Give me just a word, to let me know what I’m worth to you”), you find yourself singing it because you’ve been here before. In this song, you hear someone asking for proof that something is there, whether that is one’s love or a higher power, a person is asking for evidence, even if it’s just a word.

I love how vulnerable he sounds in this. Hoping with persistence in his vision, he is hoping that this isn’t all for naught. Munk Duane sounds like someone who is just done. He’s not begging, he’s just done and saying, “Just give me a word so I know that this is real. Don’t let all of my persistence be for nothing”. This makes “Just A Word” that much better.

Munk Duane has one of the smoothest voices you’ve ever heard. The best way to describe him is like a love letter to old-school R&B and new-school indie R&B. It’s difficult to describe, but once you hear this song, you will understand exactly what I mean. Give “Just A Word” a listen and check out Munk Duane’s music!

Written by Marcus Norris





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