“Down But Not Out” by Bones in Butter

“Down but Not Out” by Bones in Butter is one of those songs that grabs you with a sense of familiarity, but still feels like you’ve never heard it before. The song starts with this atmospheric guitar and flange, having this early 2010s indie rock vibe to it (which we will talk about more soon) Then, we get to the lyrics.

The song starts with the lyrics, “Every time I hear their voices, I feel a little bit uneasy”, following this, he says that he needs to keep his head down and think about what’s left of him and another person. This sounds like a relationship on the rocks, and that feeling continues throughout the song when he sings, “I’m really glad it’s over now”. The interesting thing about the lyrics is that it also discusses a literal nightmare, and I love how we are given a chance to absorb the lyrics so we can come to our own interpretations about them. 

Something that stands out with this song is the blend of guitar and synth. This song feels like a perfect mix of the 80s and the 2010s, where the elements of rock come together in a wonderful way.

I enjoyed the bridge, where we hear a sick guitar solo. The placement is smart as well, as it comes after the title is sung. It truly makes you feel like you are in his place, where you were down, but can overcome. Check this song out, and give Bones in Butter the flowers they deserve!

Written by Marcus Norris





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