“I Know You See Me” by DJ (i)MG Beatz

DJ (i)MG Beatz gives his listeners high energy with this catchy-trap single, “I Know You See Me.” DJ (i)MG Beatz is a rising star in the rap genre and he is quickly making a name for himself. This unforgettable head-bopper is addictive, charming, and upbeat. I Know You See Me is a blend of emo-rap, techno, and trap, so if you’re looking for something new and captivating, look no further. 

DJ (i)MG Beatz is a promising producer in the rap industry. This talented producer creates hard-hitting beats and stand-out hooks, DJ (i)MG Beatz is destined to become an even bigger streaming success. With hits like “FRIDAY” and “TOO MUCH” this producer continues to show his diversity in the game.

If you are wanting to expand your favorites playlist, DJ (i)MG Beatz is the producer to add. “Ride With You (Just Wanna Love Someone) shows listeners he can play around with any tune and make it exceptional with his own touch. This one-of-kind producer continues to perfect his craft with every release and his growing fan base waits by his Twitter for updates and previews.

I’m out here stunting/ I know you see me/ ‘cause of the diamonds/ I know they gleaming”, and the hook fits the beat perfectly. When fans hear “(i)MG on the 1’s and 2’s“, they will know the song is a hit. 

This track is guaranteed to make any listeners become a fan. With a single like this, if you don’t know who DJ (i)MG Beatz is, you’ll soon find out. To follow DJ (i)MG Beatz check out his official links below.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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