“The One I Hold At Night” by Angie Bohlke

Through the power of the internet, Canadian-Country Artist Angie Bohlke was able to connect with thousands of fans through her weekly Facebook live streams. Thanks to her growing fanbase, she is releasing her debut single, “The One I Hold At Night.” This is also the lead single to her debut album that is expected sometime in 2023.

The Facebook live streams began during the 2020 pandemic for Bohlke to connect with people through her personal songs during a time of isolation. Since then, Bohlke was invited on a province-wide tour of the Arts and Culture and featured in the Voices of Placentia Songwriters’ Series. While this is her official first single, she has a 2020 exclusive single “True Love,” only available on Bandcamp.

“The One I Hold At Night” is both a conversational and vulnerable song. Bohlke has a natural gift of being able to tell it exactly how it is in a way that the listener believes every word she says. The electric guitar chimes in between the lyrics and the drums drive the song right into the chorus. The production of this song allows Bohlke’s songwriting to shine. It is worth highlighting the lyrics, “I will love you to the moon and back / who else will love you like that?” because she is able to turn a common phrase and show how confident she is in the love that she has for the other person.

When asked about the story of the song Bohlke shared, “The One I Hold at Night for me tells of living a lifetime feeling somewhat lost and alone, it’s speaks of heartache and a sense of never truly belonging and then you find that one special person, your person, and instantly, all the once shattered pieces of your being are like magically pieced back together, effortlessly and flawlessly.”

So, keep an eye out for the release of Angie Bohlke’s debut album in 2023!

Written by Katie Power

Photo Credit: Amber Elizabeth Photography





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