“Radgie Gadgie” (Radio Edit) by Crux

Looking for a unique sound to keep you on your toes? You’re in the right place! Newcastle based prog-rock group Crux is back with their fast-paced new single “Radgie Gadgie” (Radio Edit) available everywhere now. The band has already headlined venues such as The Engine Room and The Globe as well as play in festivals like the Scoop Festival. Crux has an ability of commentating on complex topics in a way that is still fun to rock out to.

Their single, “Radgie Gadgie,” got its title from the Geordie slang for “Aggressive Man.” The music and lyrics match this with an interesting interlude of the band saying censored swears and shouting before the buildup the song. This builds real immersion into the single and does an excellent job world building. It is the kind of music that can and should be added to all Halloween playlists or movies for years to come.

The song succeeds in having a conversation about toxic masculinity and trauma. With the chorus singing “he was born and raised by a broken family / no support never taught morality / no community, toxic masculinity.” The overall sound is prog rock infused with punk. The quick drums and melodic guitar add to that fast pace and the heavy electric gives it that punk sound. The song is great for anyone looking for a band that tackles harder topics in an electric and rocking sound.

The group is setting themselves apart from others in the industry with their genre bending sound and their creative way of singing about topics bigger than themselves.

Written by Katie Power

Photo Credit: Chris Ord and Krzysztof Furgała





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