Artist Interview: “Games” by Chughey

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician? 

CHUGHEY: There was. it was after I got injured and couldn’t skateboard or snow-skate for about a year. That was like ten years ago. I needed a creative outlet and music ended up becoming that. Honestly, once I started, I never really looked back though. As far as the skateboarding, I still hop on the skateboard every now and then, but definitely nowhere near what I used to.

Q: The production is fire! What did you enjoy most about making this track?

CHUGHEY: Appreciate that!! Definitely the piano. I actually wrote all of the lyrics to just the piano and added everything after.

Q: I love the lyrics to “Games”! They told a very convincing story and brought out a lot of emotions. What is your typical songwriting process like? 

CHUGHEY: Most of my songs are based on life events, so generally something will happen and inspire a line or two that I’ll turn into either the hook or verse. Although inspiration strikes at random times, so I have documents on my phone of random lyrics and a bunch of little recordings of ideas. For the most part, though, I’ll have a handful of lines that I’ll use to start, and then I’ll find the beat and sit and write until I have something I’m happy with.

Q: Even the greatest writers can battle with creative blocks at times, how do you deal when there’s a lack of inspiration? 

One of two ways really depends on what my situation is at that point. Either I’ll go out and live more and draw inspiration from life experiences, books, movies, mainly life, or I’ll sit and force myself to write through it. The second option definitely ends up with a lot of lyrics being scrapped and songs that no one will hear, but inevitably something good, at least I like to think so, will come to me. As long as you keep working towards the main goal though, the creative blocks are only temporary.

Q: Do you play any other instruments? What’s an instrument that you would like to learn? 

CHUGHEY: I’ve recently gotten into the ukulele, love that thing! but my go-to is definitely the keyboard. I also recently purchased a bass, so I’m in the process of learning that. As far as instruments I’d like to learn, I’d love to get a theremin. I find them very intriguing. One day, I hope to have one of every instrument in my studio though.

Q: What is coming up next for you? 

CHUGHEY: Probably some seasonal depression. On a real note though, I’m working on a ukulele EP, I have a couple of EPs I’ll be dropping next year and a bunch of singles. Honestly, just consistently dropping a bunch of music. Definitely gonna look into doing some shows next year too, I’d love to do a little tour or a big tour, but a tour nonetheless.

Photo Credits: Benny4Eyes

Interviewed by Alina Tran





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