“Flow” by Dee & d’Z

I’d hate to sound cliché, but these last couple of years have been pretty rough. This past year has been a storm in itself! For me, it always helps to have reminders to be positive, even in the face of negativity. Dee and d’Z pull this off with their single, “Flow”.

Musically, “Flow” has tons of positive attributes. For starters, it has this classical, jazz vibe to it! What I find interesting about it is that it sounds timeless. It sounds like it could compete with the juggernauts of jazz back in the day, while still sounding modern. One of my favorite parts of the music is the jazz guitar. It just… “flows” so well (sorry, had to get a pun in there). 

The lyrics are super impactful. The song starts with the lyrics, “Strolling at seaside, watching the days go by”, which sets up the theme of the song. “Flow” is about going with the flow of life, on the surface. I think that it’s about even more than that.

The chorus says, “Get in the flow, follow the motion”, which is definitely about following the path life takes you on, but another lyric really stuck out to me. It was, “Trust in the guidance and you’ll see, you are exactly where you’re meant to be”. This changes the meaning a bit. Where we would be talking about “going with the flow” in the chorus; to me, this lyric means, “Be still”. On the surface, this is about life taking you where it needs to take you, but digging deeper, “Flow” is about gratitude and patience.

We’ve all probably been at a point in our lives where we perceive it as bad. That said, certain opportunities may have opened up from that bad spot. “Flow” serves as a reminder to trust the guidance of the universe, as you never know where life will take you. Check out “Flow” by Dee and d’Z for yourselves, they made magic with this!

Written by Marcus Norris





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