“Everything I Touch” by Daniel Antonio

I think we’ve all had dark periods in our lives. Whether we were going through a breakup, depression, or even job loss, it can be hard to put those thoughts into words. Many channel it through music, and this is exactly what Daniel Antonio did with his song, “Everything I Touch”.

I’m going to be blunt: Daniel Antonio has something special. The way he is able to balance talking about these topics along with the music, which sounds amazing, having this chaotic twinge to it is dope! I think that the music is very reminiscent of Bring Me to the Horizon (one of Daniel’s influences) and Linkin Park. I hear the guitar and I’m transported back to when I was younger with all the feelings that Daniel describes.

The song starts out with Daniel saying, “We spend most of our days, trying to clean up the mess that we make.” This is a great way to start, as it sets the tone well. “Everything I Touch” is a song about darkness and life being difficult, it’s about feeling like everything you interact with will have a negative reaction.

You really get where Daniel Antonio is going through the chorus, where he sings, “It’s so hard to get close, when everything I touch turns to stone”. This is someone who has pushed the world away for their safety. I want to break down why “stone” was such a great word to use here. He feels that he pushes others away and turns them colder, hardens them. Much like a stone. I say this because it is a great blend of the Midas touch (where everything he touched turned to gold) and Medusa (where she turned men to stone by looking at them). I love the nuance!

Musically, this is so dope. I think that it hits a certain blend of metal and emo rock. The subject matter is relatable, especially if you’ve ever been in a dark place at a time in your life, and the guitars just send you back to those rough times. Not to relive them, but for catharsis, as you know someone else has been through them too. I’m going to say it again: Daniel Antonio is special. He hits emotions while being focused enough to provide amazing music. Give “Everything I Touch” by Daniel Antonio a listen!

Written by Marcus Norris




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