“No Friend” by Agent Envy

San Diego based alt-rock artist Agent Envy released her energetic new single “No Friend” available everywhere now. The singer also writes and produces all her own music; she takes inspiration from 90s and 2000s rock, metal, and industrial records. The dark song is Agent Envy’s sixth single release, and it follows her 2021 song “Heart-Shaped Box.”

Agent Envy has been involved in music one way or another her entire life. From a young age she took voice, piano, and guitar lessons as well as writing songs and performing on stage.

“No Friends” leans into a redemption story of someone cutting off a person that is no longer good for them. The verses have sultry vocals and slow drums that propels the song into a fierce chorus. The guitars have a roaring sound as the melody soars throughout the hook. The single is able to tackle the topic of boundaries in a way that is relatable and hard-core.

Agent Envy shows off her ear for production as well as her strong lyric writing. She takes inspiration from 90s bands like Nirvana as well as current acts like St. Vincent. It is also reminiscent of Paramore, since Agent Envy also shares a wide vocal range like Hayley Williams.

When asked to describe the song in a few words Agent Envy shared that it is a dark, energetic alternative rock song that says, “enough is enough.” This song captures that feeling perfectly and works in the aggression that is normal to feel when it seems like you’re not getting the respect you deserve in a relationship. Agent Envy has all the elements to be your new favorite alt-rock artist.

Written by Katie Power





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