“Just a Little Bit Longer” by Monroe Moon

“Just a Little Bit Longer” by Monroe Moon is the spaciest, dreamiest, most melancholy indie rock song you’ll ever hear. With an effortlessly catchy melody and a slew of ethereal instrumentation, this track feels like a modern Pink Floyd song. If it doesn’t put you in an emotional, hypnotic stupor, listen again. Monroe Moon has mastered the art of conveying that retro, psychedelic atmosphere through a contemporary lens.

A succinct drum beat greets us, soon ornamented by a wash of reverb-drenched guitars, all holding out these lugubrious minor chords. The bass reinforces everything with a casual, rhythm-driven line. “You don’t even know that I know that I know..” the singer croons with a warm, heavily chorused tone. The lyricism falls into this gloriously nonsensical category, characterized by flowery phrases and abstract imagery. It’s a style of writing that doesn’t often pop up anymore, mostly because commercial music strives to generate solid, easy-to-follow narratives. This song allows you to melt into the feeling of the words without needing to analyze what they mean.

We take a pleasant departure from the minor modality of the verses as the chorus takes shape, peppered with a few major chords and a slightly more uplifting sound. Still, the lyrics take on quite a sorrowful theme, which is actually exacerbated by this juxtaposition. A growth of sentimentality in the music paired with an urgent, woeful set of lyrics makes for something incredibly impactful.

Be sure to give Monroe Moon a listen! You won’t regret getting to know this vibrant, wickedly talented artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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