“Growing Pains” by Harpa

Navigating her life from girlhood into womanhood, UK-based singer/songwriter Harpa brings us along for the ride in her debut EP Growing Pains available everywhere now.  Harpa’s strong range and unique storytelling quickly got the attention of DooBeDo Music, where she is currently signed.

The vulnerable EP is accompanied by a larger-than-life sound of orchestral rock and Harpa’s impressive vocals. She has spent years honing her craft and these four songs were the first ones she wanted to share with the world. The EP includes three brand new songs as well as the lead single “Hollow.”

The single “Hollow” opens the EP with the gentle sounds of harp and piano. She sings about loving with her whole heart but also about how the heartbreak has begun to leave her hollow. With pain in her voice, she repeats that she doesn’t want to feel at all. A music video was released alongside the single, showing the singer smashing dishes and spinning with joy. It perfectly captures the hook that she “feels it all.”

The closing and title track, “Growing Pains” highlights Harpa not quite knowing who she is and still feeling like a little girl. The overall sound could be compared to Taylor Swift’s “Innocent” from her Speak Now album, as both projects use orchestral sounds to talk about powerful, significant moments in their emersion into adulthood.

When asked about the inspiration for the EP Harpa shared, “It’s a realisation- as if one day I suddenly woke up as a grown woman, with so much responsibility, so much pain and emotional chaos, and I’m like: “Wait! I’m still a little girl! I didn’t ask for this!” I think I entered adulthood very naive and trusting, especially of men, and that false reality was shattered very quickly.”

So, if you’re looking for an artist with a powerful range and her heart on her sleeve – check out Harpa’s debut EP Growing Pains!

Written by Katie Power





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