“The Best We Can” by Jewelia

“The Best We Can” by Jewelia is a beautiful invocation of nostalgia. Brimming with ethereal instrumentation and heart-wrenching melodies, this track underlines the inherent bittersweetness of growing up. Jewelia carefully arranges the music to complement her message to the ultimate effect–a universal sense of peaceful reminiscence and an appreciation for one’s friends and family.

It begins with a soft duo of acoustic guitar and vocals. “Remember how we used to say / That love was nothing but a game,” Jewelia croons, her tone evoking warmth and brightness all at once. The chords ebb and flow with just the right amount of repetition and change, giving the song a solid sectionality. Other textures slowly layer over top of the foundation, like these cozy piano chords that effortlessly add depth to the mix.

The chorus arrives with a touch more drama, the chord progression following a high-energy trajectory toward the background-vocal-laden post-chorus. Her words convey urgency, which alters the mood and cements the importance and overall memorability of this section. When the background vocals finally seep into the mix, the listener breathes a sigh of relief and melts into this gentle melancholy.

If you’re in need of a song that’ll make you feel something, you couldn’t do better than listening to “The Best We Can.” Jewelia creates the perfect atmosphere for reveling in your emotions. Be sure to check her out and/or send her some love on your choice of social media or streaming service! You won’t regret getting to know this insanely talented artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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