“Monster Crunch” by Mother Vulture

No matter who you may be 20,000 listens in a month is impressive, to know that people are that adorned by your music is an amazing feeling. Mother Vulture is possibly a new band to you and if they are then you are in for a treat, “Monster Crunch” was the latest single release from the group and a feature on their latest album. This two minute punk opera has a self proclaimed over the top horror narrative with the theatrics of a full length rock opera.

The track is heavy hitting an instantly takes you on a crazy journey, the childlike puns mixed with the heaviness is reminiscent of Ice Nine Kills. They are fun, tell a story and gives you time to let all your aggression out. Don’t be the only one to miss out on “Monster Crunch”, the listens are rising and there is a clear reason why.

Mother Vulture will be on your radar from now own, as the new year approaches you’ll want to play things that are a bit familiar to you and “Monster Crunch” is just that. This is the perfect song to play to end the old year and kick off the new one. Mother Vulture will become your new favorite, make sure that’s your resolution.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits Shona Cutt Photography




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