“Howl” by Lord Sunny the Unifier

No matter who you may be 10,000 listens in a month is impressive, to know that people are that adorned by your music is an amazing feeling. Lord Sunny the Unifier is possibly a new artist to you and if they are then you are in for a treat, “Howl” was the first single release from the Lord Sunny this year. Lord Sunny is a self proclaimed purveyor of Post Punk ‘Biker Psychedelia’, and has announced the release of new full-length album, which will be titled “America’s Newest Hitmaker”.

“Howl” is a track that isn’t too overbearing but it’s also heavy hitting enough to get your juices flowing. It’s a great song to play to give yourself a quick pick me up, “Howl” will stay on your radar. Vocally and instrumentally the track is fun and just makes you want to smile and laugh and let loose.

Lord Sunny the Unifier will be on your radar from now own, as the new year approaches you’ll want to play things that are a bit familiar to you and “Howl” is just that. This is the perfect song to play to end the old year and kick off the new one. Lord Sunny the Unifier will become your new favorite, make sure that’s your resolution.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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