“Not Like The Others You Know” by Quizboy

You started the year with your first Quizboy review and ending the year with another one, and just like last time this doesn’t disappoint. “Not Like The Others You Know” is a single from the self titled EP that was released just last month. This track is one of the more popular ones of the two but “Brave A Storm” is a close second. Solo artist Ben Dayho aka Quizboy is making waves and making a name for himself. Since the release of “Bella” you may have been itching for more music from Quizboy, well wish granted.

“Not Like The Others You Know” is an all around relaxing track, the song has a vibe of it’s own.This is a particular song that will have you slow dancing in the mirror while you wear a feather boa around your neck. This style of song is unique in its own way, this particular beat mixed and relatable lyrics with the whispery vocals of Quizboy is what is going to keep you hooked into the track.

Quizboy will be on your radar from now on, as the new year approaches you’ll want to play things that are a bit familiar to you and “Not Like The Others You Know” is just that. This is the perfect song to play to end the old year and kick off the new one. Quizboy will become your new favorite, make sure that’s your resolution.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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