“Peace Like Snow” by Cynthia Angelica

If you are looking for an easy-listening track, with a holiday tone, Cynthia Angelica’s “Peace Like Snow” is the perfect single for you. This relaxing track contains solid vocals and excellent cheerful melodies. If you are in the mood for some warm and rhythmic sounds, then the talented musician Cynthia Angelica serves “Peace Like Snow” with grace and ease.

“Peace Like Snow” has inspiring notes from the classic “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” by Boney M. which has influenced artists time and time again. Cynthia Angelica puts her spin on “Peace Like Snow”, by adding her own piano notes, showing more of her talents while mesmerizing her audience.

There was a silent night/ it was a holy night/ starry, starry sky”, she sings around 0:49 seconds. It’s hard not to sing along with a wonderful track like this. Cynthia Angelica charms the audience as her voice causes an array of goosebumps. The hook comes at a chilling point, and breezes into her listener’s ears effortlessly.

“Let peace fall on us like snow/ Christmastime is made of snow/ Let peace fall on us like snow”. Around 1:35 seconds there is a hold that entrances listeners, making them want to hear more, sitting at the edge of their seats. “If you wanted/ you can find peace too”– Cynthia Angelica’s vocals become brassy with anticipation breathy in the best of ways. “Trust in knowing/ you can find peace too”-

While fans can’t wait to hear more, “Peace Like Snow” is sure to become a listener’s favorite holiday tune. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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