“Situationship” by Kaleigh

No matter who you may be 20,000 listens in a month is impressive, to know that people are that adorned by your music is an amazing feeling. Kaleigh isn’t new to the scene per say but it is her first release for the year, she hails from the great city of Los Angeles. She is a multi talented musician, an actress and a model, being in the industry since she was 13, there is nothing that will stop her.

Being more than a friend but not quite in relationship, that’s what you call a situationship and given the title, that is exactly what Kaleigh is singing about. This track is hard hitting and yet soothing, it allows you to let out your sadness and anger all in one sitting. It won’t be long before you’re singing “Situationship”.

Kaleigh will be on your radar from now own, as the new year approaches you’ll want to play things that are a bit familiar to you and “Situationship” is just that. This is the perfect song to play to end the old year and kick off the new one. Mother Vulture will become your new favorite, make sure that’s your resolution.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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