“Gotta Get High” by The Doonesbury Band

“Gotta Get High” by The Doonesbury Band is a song that has its listeners in a dazed hold. This track is perfect for listeners who love the new classic rock sound and its gripping tone. “Gotta Get High” has a way of capturing the emotions of listeners and transporting them back in time.

“Gotta Get High” is a soft mellow rock song that reminds listeners of when music took its time and was easy to understand. This catchy song is clear as day with its simple lines and melancholy hooks.

This well-written track “Gotta Get High” is about a person looking for an escape, and how they need to feel something.  The lyrics focus on the struggles of life, and how they would rather feel something else, than all of the stresses they deal with. 

The Doonesbury Band gives a captivating performance on this track, which has a raspy rhythm and texture. “Gotta Get High” is about the ups and downs of life, and the trials, and tribulations of so many suffering from the same experiences. “Hey there/ what do you know/ are you going to the show/ I’m playing head high tonight.” The steady-paced track will have listeners wanting to hear what’s next from The Doonesbury Band, and how they will be intrigued next.

“Hey there what do you do/ to help you get through?”

There is much more to this track than meets the eye. Listen to The Doonesbury Band’s “Gotta Get High”, escape your problems, and get lost in the lyrics. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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