“Please Listen” by Linda Marks

“Please Listen” by Linda Marks combines a lively chord progression with poignant lyrics to create a gripping piece of music. As the music steadily paces through a classic yet continuously effective structure, the words detail the pain and neglect some children face at the hands of the adults in their lives. Not only is this a deeply important message, but it’s a poetic way of fostering understanding, catharsis, and initiative. Linda effortlessly mirrors the atmosphere of these words with her first-rate songwriting.

The instrumentation consists of a warm piano, a crisp acoustic guitar, some solid bass, an occasional flourish of strings, and a simple yet rhythmically crucial drum groove. Needless to say, there’s an abundance of textures filling this song out. Each moment carries the right amount of movement and busyness, ebbing and flowing with brilliant arrangement tactics.

The lyrics appear quite specific during the verses, describing scenarios in which children are either abandoned or forced to take on some undue maturity. Each line is heavier than the next, drenched in heartache and sympathy. As the chorus rolls around, the words become a bit vaguer. They reflect the perspective of the child, with lines like, “Did you know my silent tears scream?” or “Your love could be a haven / A shelter from the storm.” This is where the theme really gets the emphasis it deserves, especially considering this section appeared again and again, often elevated by the new content of each verse.

Be sure to give Linda Marks a listen! She’s a talented songstress with a lot of inherent passion and heart.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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