“Toy Soldier” by Tabuu

Tabuu has released his new track titled “Toy Soldier” and if Tabuu’s music hasn’t made it to your playlist- this is sure to be the track that does!
Toy Soldier” has a bounce to it that is rich in sound and easy-flowing. Tabuu creates a unique concept with this track and has the ability to switch up in every verse. 

From the cover of the track to the lyrics, Tabuu has proven his ability to rhyme and take his place on our favorites lists. This 2:54 track has instrumentals that could be wound over and over and Tabuu does an immense job of voicing that he is proud to rap and proud to stand his ground. 

Count my blessings til it’s over/ like a soldier/ Sometimes I wish I was sober/ it brings me closure.” Tabuu is honest and vulnerable on the “Toy Soldier” and listeners can’t help but think, that this is what rap needs. 

Listeners will love his blend of trap music, rap, and hip-hop. Tabuu has been able to accomplish a set of fresh beats with this single and first-time listeners will become long-time fans after hearing “Toy Soldier”. “Toy Soldier” has its own kind of flavor with rough and addictive hooks. “Easy does it/ see easy comes, then easy goes/ remember if it feels too easy double check and watch your bros.” Tabuu glides naturally on the track as if he’s done it all his life. 

When listeners hear “Tabuuuuu” at the beginning of the track, they will know it’s a hit as his music gets better with every new release. Make sure to follow Tabuu on all his socials for updates and releases. 

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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