“The Flame” (Remix) by Sasha Atlas

One of my favorite songs from December of 2022 is Sasha Atlas’ “The Flame (Remix)”. The way the music and lyrics blend together puts me in a mood to dance, which is what you want from a good dance mix.

This remix does just that, dear readers, as I found myself jamming as the beat overcame my body. The rhythm flowed so naturally and it took me on a mental journey that reminded me of something I’d see in Cyberpunk 2077: A journey rich with futuristic neon outlines, riding on motorcycles through open city streets, possibly on the run from some oppressive authority figure.

“Tell me,/
Should I be the one to say I’m sorry,/
If anything I say will just be empty?”

I think this hit me the most from a lyrical standpoint since this might ring for a lot of other folks who are LGBTQ+. In this case, it would be running away from an oppressive household that traumatized them, and then these same parents coming back and asking for your apology for “being ungrateful.”

Overall, I say the way a good remix pops in your ears is a feeling that I would compare to that feeling you get when you eat some good soup on a cold, wintry morning cozied up by the fire while it snows. Harmony in its purest form is difficult to ascertain and this song does it very well. The brief interludes before each beat drop all feel well-earned, and I legit left the first listen wanting more. An instant repeat. Check it out! 

Written by Adrian Carter





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