“The Light” by Mark Wink

I came across the music video for Mark Wink’s song “The Light” last week and I just had to write about it. I’ll summarize the visuals to the best of my ability, but the video itself is definitely worth a watch, which I have provided in the link below:

“The Light” by Mark Wink

We the viewers are taken on a visual journey, through desert landscapes, watching a hawk fly in slow motion, and a coconut falling from a tree, and we have our title drop: The Light. Circling around oases, panning around a woman dancing on a sand dune. Travelers with camels wander the desert. We see light shine far off in the distance. And then we go into space.

Zooming out quickly, the visual journey from here moves toward space exploration. We see visuals of a ship piloted by two astronauts headed to Mars, the camera passes through black holes, and we see the ship fly before the ship lands. After landing on the surface, our explorers see a light in the distance and that becomes the central focus of the frame as we (the viewer) head back to the blue Earth. We see more hawks, spires, and tall buildings, we return to our dancer in the desert, and the cycle continues. We notice a change in color to purple before the lights fade out as we pan over the oasis one last time.

What drew me to this music video in particular was how the visuals and the music complement each other. The visuals and music shifting in tone with each other carry the viewer through the journey in a very understated way that I love. Definitely worth the watch, and worth the like and follow on YouTube. Check it out!

You can also find more of Mark Wink’s work at his website: www.markwink.com

Written by Adrian Carter





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