“Right Here” by Qeeran

Something that I love about music is that it keeps me engaged in the present moment. Sure, some songs are nostalgic, and some songs hit a chord (no pun intended) with you if they speak to a situation you’ve been in, but I still manage to focus on the “now”. Qeeran decided to remain in that “now” with his song, “Right Here”.

“Right Here” is this perfect blend of dreamy pop with alternative R&B, so the music keeps you super engaged. Seriously, the production feels unreal! It’s like you’re on a cloud just relaxing as time passes by. Also, I love the beat switch at the end, almost as a way of you coming back down to Earth to talk to a loved one. Telling them that, “I’m right here, present with you”.

Lyrically, this talks about some great subject matter. As I said, this song is about being in the “now”, the present moment. While Qeeran is talking about staying in the present, he also is talking about the questions of life and death that we can’t answer. For example, “What happens after we die?” And talking about how when he was a kid, he wanted to grow up so fast, much like all of us did. It’s almost like we see him hit the realization of why you should stay present.

Piggybacking off this, it seems that he’s talking to a lover about this, and I think that you get a very sincere declaration. There are several things that he’s talking about in terms of deep questions to ask oneself, but he’s content because he’s with the person he loves. He’s right there. Beautiful.

If you are ever feeling like you are asking yourself some of those questions and those are taking you out of the present moment, check out “Right Here” by Qeeran, and it’ll remind you to stay in the moment. Check out all of Qeeran’s music, he’s got some amazing stuff that you won’t regret hearing!

Written by Marcus Norris





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